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    Private Bag X01, Scottsville
    Scottsville 3209
    South Africa
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Water has been identified as the natural resource which, because of its limited supply could place a restriction on our country's future development. Water research to address pressing challenges in the field of water is therefore an urgent priority in the region's economic development programme. Co-operation between water researchers is vital for the productivity of this research effort. Communication between water researchers is an essential element in fostering such co-operation which in turn contributes to developing synergy amongst water researchers. The Computing Centre for Water Research (CCWR) was founded as a strategic initiative to contribute to this effort.

The optimum development and management of the water resources of southern Africa can only be achieved with the help of effective water research.
The Mission of the CCWR is to contribute towards the goal of effective water research through

the co-ordination, promotion and encouragement of water research
the stimulation and motivation of water researchers
the provision of an incentive and aid to water researchers
the speeding up and reduction in cost of research projects.

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